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Serving highly sophisticated international customers, hybrid flower seed production under controlled environment allows us to produce top quality flower seeds to the very exact product requirements in a programmable production process. We take all measures to ensure that seeds of the desirable qualities are available for our customers. We work hand-in-hand with our clients and adhere to cultural guidelines for optimal crop performance. Our quality control laboratories work with our production centers to certify the seeds to ensure a high-quality level of the final product. Our production techniques are continuously researched and updated for optimum performance through mutual exchange of knowledge and expertise.

Being the nation’s only F1 hybrid flower seed producer since the early 1980s, Quality Seed Company (Pvt) Limited takes pride in producing quality seeds of various flower varieties, keeping abreast of industrial needs. Today we export over 1,300kg of flower seeds per annum to some of the top global seed breeding companies.

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Media Preparation

We use high quality Coconut pith, Coconut fiber and other recycled organic material in specific proportions to prepare growing media. All our growing media goes through a standardized quality control process to ensure and maintain uniform characteristics consistent with the needs of various crops.


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Steam Boiler

We have been using a steam boiler since 2003 for our media sterilization. We are the first commercial plant grower in Sri Lanka who took the initiative to convert the chemical based sterilization process to an environmental friendly, non-chemical process. The boiler has the capacity of generating 800 kg of steam per hour which is capable of treating up to 28-30 m3 of growing media at a time.


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Seed Dryer Rooms

Two climate controlled dryer rooms are available with air temperature controls ranging from 20 C to 28 C and relative humidity from 40% – 55%, adjustable according to the needs of specific crops.


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Seed Processing Equipment

Our crop specific seed processing equipment includes a Brushing machine, Clipper, Belt grader, Indent cylinder and Gravity tables which are manned by our highly qualified technicians.


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Seed Germination Chamber

Our quality control process for seed exports mainly includes a local germination test using a climate-controlled germination chamber and purity test. In addition, basic soil analysis is conducted to meet the necessary field requirements.


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Seed Storage Rooms

The climate-controlled storage rooms allow us to temporarily store all our seeds until dispatch to our International customers. The temperature is controlled at 15 C with a Relative Humidity of 30% to provide the optimum storage conditions for the seeds.


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Production Facilities - Hayleys Quality Seeds

Production Green Houses

We started with a basic structure of 456 m2 of greenhouse area and today our total greenhouse production area covers approx. 65,000 m2. Cultivation in greenhouses allows us to produce flowers all year round by maintaining optimal environmental conditions for specific varieties.


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