Our Product Capabilities

We have diversified our company beyond producing F1 hybrid flower seeds into many other business segments. In addition to the seed production, we have ventured on to producing young flowering plants, pot plants, cut flowers, landscaping and vertical gardening solutions.

Sri Lanka is a tropical paradise and nature has bestowed upon her a rich collection of natural fauna and flora. Our main production facility at Boralanda remains exclusively for the F1 hybrid flower seeds for export markets and includes a variety of popular breeds. The location is recognized as one of the best quality production centers for floriculture products in Sri Lanka due to its favorable climatic condition.

F1 Hybrid & Open Pollinated Flower Seeds

We are the pioneer and Sri Lanka’s only F1 Hybrid Flower Seed production company. We produce export quality F1 hybrid and open pollinated flower seeds under optimal greenhouse conditions while focusing on diversifying current techniques and venturing into new products within the evolving world of horticulture.

Young Plants & Pot Plants

We produce a variety of flowering plants, pot plants, cactus and succulents, vegetable and fruit plants, foliage plants, and others. Our plant nurseries and horticulture centers are in Thalawathugoda, Boralanda and Nugathalawa where you can buy your favorite plant and other gardening accessories.

The production operations are carried out through Green House complex which spans in total more than 60,000m2 of greenhouse floor area and employees more than 300 work force.

Horticulture & Landscaping Solutions

Hayleys Landscaping Solutions specialises in taking your vision of an ideal indoor and outdoor space and transforming it into a beautiful and inspired living or working environment.

We offer a holistic range of professional services and products related to horticulture and landscaping in Sri Lanka, such as lawns, live walls, home gardens and rooftop gardens.

Cut Flowers

Our cut flowers range from the rich variety of temperate flora which is grown in Boralanda, Sri Lanka. High quality imported hybrid mother plants are used in the production of cut flowers with exceptional quality including variants like Carnations, Roses, Chrysanthemums, Lilies, and Gerberas.
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