Quality Seed Co. (Pvt) Ltd.

With over four decades of experience, we are the pioneers and the only company involved in hybrid flower seed production in Sri Lanka. Our reputation for absolute reliability and credibility makes us the first preference of the premier seed breeders including several of the top three global seed breeding companies. The Flower seed facility is located in the hill country with greenhouse facilities spanning 56,000 square meters and can house a capacity of 1300kg of flower seeds per annum. We now have a diversified product portfolio which includes foliage splits, young plants and pot flowers. We also offer vertical gardening and landscaping services to both local and international clients. We have been acknowledged on many occasions for our outstanding contribution to the agriculture industry of Sri Lanka, being one of the highest value- added exporters in the Floriculture product sector.


Be The Most Trusted Brand in Agriculture.


Supporting Sustainable Greener Agriculture with Innovation, Quality Inputs and Extension Services.

About Hayleys Agriculture

Transcending the unique position through our wide portfolio of products and services, Hayleys Agriculture spearheads the Agricultural sector in Sri Lanka since 1950’s. Being among the top ranked firms in the market we also export value-added agro produce to major buyers in the international arena. Business to Business(B2B) activities are combined involving plantation companies and large agriculture establishments, together with our partnerships and retail customers (B2C). This in turn guarantees consumer satisfaction for large scale agriculture projects, as well as for small scale domestic ventures. In addition to the farming community, our goods reach large scale landscape artists, horticulturalists,professional gardeners, poultry and
livestock sector stakeholders and the home and industrial pest control segments.

About Hayleys PLC

Spanning over 143 years, the story of Hayleys is one of resilience and pioneering spirit boasting many impressive accomplishments. The Hayleys group accounts for approximately 3.2% of Sri Lanka’s export income, of which tea makes up 3.6% and rubber production makes up 3.9%, with business interests in 16 other business sectors. Hayleys PLC holds a strong global market position within key industries such as transportation and logistics, agriculture and retail, and has gained many international recognitions throughout the years; which include being the global leader of coconut shell based activated carbon, while also accounting for 5% of the world’s household and industrial glove production.

Our Scope


A pioneer within the industry and Sri Lanka’s only F1 Hybrid Flower Seed production facility.


A variety of services ranging from flower seed production, young plants, to cut flowers.


Specializing in producing high-quality horticultural products for the local and international markets.


Focused on diversifying current techniques and venturing into new products within the evolving world of horticulture.


Utilization of sustainable production systems for a greener planet.

Product Capabilities

We have diversified our company beyond producing F1 hybrid flower seeds into many business segments. We have ventured into the production of young flowering plants, cut flowers, landscaping, and vertical gardening solutions in addition to seed production.

F1 Hybrid & Open Pollinated Flower Seeds

Export quality F1 hybrid and open pollinated flower seeds produced under optimal greenhouse conditions.

Young Plants & Pot Plants

We produce a variety of flowering plants, pot plants, vegetable and fruit plants, foliage plants, and others.

Our History


With over four decades of experience, we are the pioneers and the only company involved in hybrid flower seed production in Sri Lanka.
Our ethics take everything into account: the environmental, the economic, and the social.
Our commitment to quality, reliability, and credibility drives us to constantly improve.
It’s our passion to be more creative and develop The Best Quality Seeds.