Tools & Accessories


We have a wide variety of garden tools and other accessories, ranging from growing media, pots, vegetable seeds, gardening tools, net items, mulch films, hardscaping items, sprayers, to grow bags.


Plastic Pots Indoor/ Outdoor /Hanging /Pots for root balled plants
Other PotsCement / Clay/ Coir/ Ceramic
Grow BagsBlack polythene bags
Growing MediaCompost, Potting mixture, Coir dust, Coco chips
Watering Cans
Gardening ToolsForks/ Baskets/ Spades
Sprayers16 L Knapsack Sprayers / 20 L power sprayers/ 16 L Battery operated sprayers /  Plastic sprayers – 1 L, 2,L, 3L ,5 L, 16 L
NetsShade Nets/ Anti-Bird Nets
UV Polythene
Weed Mats
Plant Racks
Water Fountains
Statues & StandsBuddha statues & stands