Garden Roses


Rose hybrida spp.

Common name: Garden Roses

Scientific name: Rose hybrida spp.

Roses are one of the most classic, timeless, and popular garden plants that can be grown in any area successfully in a sunny location with good drainage.


Plant typeFlowering plant
Available colorsPink, White, Yellow, Red, Orange
Growth habitUpright
Mature height10 – 12 inches
Mature width5 – 7 inches
Soil conditionWell drained, Better Reddish Loamy soil medium.
SunlightDirect light, High light intensity causes burning of leaves & flowers.
Water requirementOnce per 4 – 5 days based on soil moisture conditions.
Nutrition requirementAdd flowering fertilizer once per 10 – 12 days.
MaintenanceRemove dry leaves & flowers. Spray a recommended fungicide during rainy season.
Common issuesHighly susceptible to diseases.
Pot size8 inches