Dianthus chinensis

Common name: Dianthus

Scientific name: Dianthus chinensis

This low-maintenance plant blooms in nearly every color, from white to vibrant shades.


Plant typeFlowering plant
Available colorsVibrant colors – White, Red, Pink, Purple, Orange, Mixed colors
Growth habitUpright
Mature height5 – 7 inches
Mature width5 – 6 inches
Soil conditionWell drained, fibrous medium.
SunlightDirect light
Water requirementOnce per 2- 3 days based on the conditions of the medium.
Nutrition requirement Add flowering fertilizer once per 10 – 12 days.
MaintenanceRemove dry leaves & flowers once per 3 – 4 days.
Common issuesSusceptible to pest damage. High temperature areas are not good for cultivations.
Pot size14cm