Diamond Frost


Euphorbia hypericifolia

Common name: Diamond frost

Scientific name: Euphorbia hypericifolia

Diamond Frost is a tender evergreen perennial with airy white flowers with green leaves. Diamond Frost needs low maintenance and can grow in containers, beds, or in the front of borders.


EnvironmentIndoor and outdoor
Plant typeFlowering plant
Available colorsWhite
Growth habitUpright and creeps
Mature height6  -8 inches
Mature width6  -8 inches
Soil conditionWell drained medium.
SunlightDirect light
Water requirementOnce per 4 – 5 days
Nutrition requirementAdd flowering fertilizer once per 12 – 15 days (two weeks).
MaintenanceNo need of specific maintenance practices.
Common issuesNo specific issues.
Pot size14cm