Zinnia spp.

Common name: Zinnias

Scientific name: Zinnia spp.

Zinnia is a genus of plants of the sunflower tribe. These big, bold and beautiful flowers in almost every color of the rainbow bring an explosion of color wherever they grow.


Environment Outdoor
Plant type Flowering plant
Available colors Red, Orange, Pink, Yellow, Pink, Cream.
Growth habit Upright
Mature height 8 – 10 inches
Mature width 4 – 6 inches
Soil condition Well drained, fibrous medium.
Sunlight Direct light
Water requirement Apply water based on the soil moisture condition.
Nutrition requirement Add flowering fertilizer once per week.
Maintenance Need to apply fungicide to protect from diseases.
Common issues Highly susceptible to diseases. Spray a recommended fungicide during rainy season.
Pot size 14cm